What is Metacone?

Metacone Team

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December 27, 2022

Metacone is a 3rd generation Artificial Intelligence project. Today’s AI algorithms are relying on a high number of labelled training datasets. However, Metacone’s algorithm focuses on personal interaction, similar to how new-born babies learn.

Users will start with having a virtual baby, which is an NFT. It learns from owners themselves and later on transforms to a private personal assistant but it won't remain only as an app on your phone. It will be possible to use the Metacone Baby as a professional AI assistant later when it grows up, depending on how and in which domain the owner trains it.

Each Metacone Baby will be born (or be minted) with some innate cognitive skills such as Reasoning, Abstract Thinking, EQ, Aesthetics and Creativity. These skills are forged into the DNA of the NFT randomly at the moment it is minted. They cannot be changed radically but can be improved to some extent with experience and acquired items. Each NFT will have a different learning speed according to their cognitive skills and the topic they are learning. A good match will mean learning faster. A bad match will also work but it means the user should put more time to teach the Metacone Baby. Moreover, each Metacone Baby will come with a unique 3D hyper realistic human face. The goal is that every user can have a great realistic experience while talking to their assistant and feel some attachment.

Metacone introduces the “Teach-and-Earn” model to the world. T&E works in two ways: at the early stages of the project users will earn $MTCN token every day, while interacting with their Metacone Baby on their smartphone and teaching whatever they want to teach. Later on it will be possible to let one NFT train another faster and easier, while the owners of Teacher NFTs will earn $MTCN paid by their students.

We chose the Solana ecosystem to issue our project, because transactions are very fast and low-cost. More importantly, there is an incredibly strong NFT community culture in Solana, and we have been in these communities since the very beginning.

Our team consists of 12 people with very good experience in their domains. Our main office is in Ankara and the rest of the team resides in different locations: Istanbul, London and Toronto.